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Tiger Hill / Ghoom Monastery / Yiga Choling Monastery - It is situated at an elevation of nearly 8500 feet / 2600 meters. Tiger hill is nearly 35 minutes drive and is 11 kilometers from town of Darjeeling. It can be reached either by jeep or by foot through Chowrasta, Alubari - Jore Bungalow and then the incline up to the summit which takes about 2 hours. Tiger Hill is the summit of one of the peaks at Ghoom. Ghoom is also known for the highest railway station on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Tiger Hill is known for the spectacular sunrise over the Himalaya. Panorama of the Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling's Tiger Hill when the first rays of the sun shed light upon the peaks of Himalayan peaks and then bathing it in a beautiful range of color. From Tiger Hill, Mount Everest is visible, peeping out through two other peaks standing by its side.

Mount Makalu looks higher than Mount Everest due to the curve in the horizon. Bird’s eye distance is nearly 107 miles to Mount Everest. Chumal Rhi mountain of Tibet nearly 84 miles away looks like a great rounded mass over the snowy Chola Range. While at Tiger Hill one can also visit Senchel sanctuary and the artificial lake which serve as a reservoir of water supply to the Darjeeling town. Yiga Choling Monastery in Ghoom is nearly 7 kilometers away from Darjeeling town. The monastery belongs to the Gelugpa sect and was built in 1975 by a lama Sherpa Gyantso and contains a 5 meters high statue of Maitrey Buddha. This was unveiled and sanctified on 1918. The interior of the statue contains precious stones which are also studded on the surface of the image and there are sixteen volumes of the sacred commandments of Buddha printed in Tibetans.

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