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Buxa Tiger reserve Buxa Duar - Buxa Tiger reserve is one of the best and most diversified reserve forests of the region spread over an area of nearly 759 square kilometers and one of the extreme ends is Rasikbill water body. This reserve is situated nearly 200 kilometers from Siliguri close to the national highway number 31 and nearly 30 kilometers from the town of Alipurduar. This reserve forest abounds in a fascinating diversity of flora and fauna with the common animal being the tiger, civet, deer’s and red jungle fowl. The place to stay is in Jayanti close or within the vicinity of the forest. Phipsu Wildlife Sanctuary in Bhutan is the forest which stretches to Bhutan and is contagious to Buxa Tiger reserve in India. The river Jayanti separates them. Small ponds / water body on hillock with innumerable numbers of tortoise are a treat to watch. The park was declared a National Park in January 1992 and named after Buxa Fort - a fort at an altitude of 850 meters on the Sinchula Range. The fort was used by the East India Company for detainees during freedom movement of India and the other one was the cellular jail in Andaman Nicobar Island. It presents a plethora of Wildlife. Buxa has a great collection of rare orchids and plants, including medicinal plants. Please note that these places namely Rajabhatkhawa, Jayanti, Buxa, Chilapata, Rashikbill are remote places situated in the middle of forest hence the facilities available are very basic. It also serves as the international corridor for the migratory elephant herds between India and Bhutan.A Fort at an elevation of nearly of 867 meters on the Sinchula Range guarding the routes into Bhutan is the Buxa Duar. The Fort used as a detention camp for freedom fighters during British rule. Buxa Duar Means the Door to Buxa where from one can visit Bhutan but the terrain and wildlife will be the risk.

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