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Home Stay - Sustainable Tourism - Eco-Tourism

Eco-Tourism, Sustainable Tourism or Home Stay are generally Community and society based. The main intention is the preservation of local culture &  identity. Home Stay style, decoration, and people reflect the backgrounds of each tribe or community. The best way to enjoy this is to stay at the homestay and enjoy the culture, cooking, and lifestyle. Secondly celebrating their festival is also a way to patronize their identity and the appreciation by the hosts. Exchanging ideas helps them develop or sharpen their attitude or style

Nepal, Sikkim & Darjeeling is home to Gorkha, Newar, Tamang, Rai, Limbu, Bhutia, Chettri, Sherpas, Magar, Gurung, Sunwar,  etc. The rest of the Northeast like Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland  & Mizoram has also developed homestays. The idea is the same as sustainable and eco-friendly. Thatched Bamboo cottages are one such favorite home that they promote for tourists.

Bhutan is home to numerous ethnic groups, with many tribal peoples like the Brokpa, Lepcha, Ngalop, Sharchop, Lhotshampa, Lepcha, Doya, Rai, Limbu, living in rural villages all over Bhutan. However, there are some distinct large ethnic groups - including the Ngalop of Tibetan origin that live mainly in western and northern Bhutan and are the dominant political and cultural element. Their language, Dzongkha, is the national tongue.  The Sharchop live in eastern Bhutan; and the Lhotshampa in the south. 

Stay in a family homestay in Nepal is also unique. It is a different experience due to the rush of foreign nationals. One can enjoy the locality through the eyes of locals and make meaningful memories with the packages. Community Homestay believes in tourism as a force for good. Our authentic experiences are designed with the goal of leaving a positive impact on guests and the environment. In Nepal, the best part is staying in homestay along the Expedition and trek routes where guests can enjoy with guests from all around the globe. 

North East including Nepal & Bhutan offers rich and unspoiled as its culture. Steep high mountains, deep valleys, and swift rivers offer breathtakingly beautiful scenery. In the north there is the alpine shrub and meadows, Snow peak Mountains, dense forests, and the river systems is more or less Similar as in Himalayan foothills.  The region comprises Mountain & Hills, lowland river valleys, and subtropical Duars Plain with its dense vegetation.

Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim, Seven Sisters & North of West Bengal is known for their colourful festival.  It is home to hundreds of tribes. These tribes have their unique cultures and architecture. Their life comes alive in the form of song, dance, and celebration during the festivals, hence we always promote such packages which cover these festivals. These are eco-based as almost all tribes are nature lovers and worship it in various styles.

Some of the popular festivals of the Seven Sisters of Northeast India  are Kalachakra,  Tshechus, Hornbill Festivals, Tea Festivals, Sangai, Bihu, Losar, Darjeeling Carnival, Ziro Music, Shillong, Saga Dawa, Solung, Nyokum, Mopin, Ambubachi Mela, Wangala, Nongkrem Dance, Kharchi Puja, Kang Chingba, Lui Ngai Ni, Anthurium, Chapchar Kut, etc

Buddhist celebrations held at temples, Dzongs, and monasteries throughout the country to mark important events in the life of Guru Rimpoche. Monks perform with sacred cham masked dances to the sound of horns and cymbals, interspersed with performances of folksongs, whilst apsaras, naughty clowns with vast wooden phalli, entertain the crowd! People flock from surrounding villages dressed in their best clothes to enjoy these lively, high-spirited festivals. They receive blessings, catch up with friends and family and share meals of red rice, spicy pork, ema datshi, and momos (pork dumplings) whilst drinking the heady traditional rice wine known as ara.

We are trying to develop sustainable village tourism. It is a tool and has taken extra care to spread awareness of local culture and lifestyle.  We as a tourism house we try to just promote these homestays and communities as they are economically not so developed but are in the process.  Recent time knowledgeable, passionate, nature lovers enquire about such places. There are many organization, individuals, Tea Estate or even Government officials help to develop homestay so that our activities help local people socially and economically improves. Interaction with travelers and the knowledge that they are visiting for the richness in the culture brings in a sense of pride amongst the people and also brings in supplementary sources of income hence it makes economic sense to the villagers as well as tourists. 

A concept of ecotourism preferred by most of our guests and is fast catching up locally and internationally. It helps villagers to develop and redefine themselves. Homestay is arranged and run by villagers and it includes staying in villages or a whole village set up made especially for the guest. It is known by a different name in different regions. Birding, short trails, angling are part of the stay and are not spoken or written separately, it is part of the concept.

The stay is simple with basic infrastructure and is about bringing one closer to local cultures and environment. A local guide from the destination will help guests with their cultures and ways of life far better and earn a much-needed income. There are festivals and special arrangement for guest who wants more. Staying in cottages, fishing, small walks, cooking, or simply doing nothing are some of the options travelers ask for. Village or Home Stay popularity is fast catching up and many of the places in this region are setting up such facilities with some form of adventure for the guest. There is a number of such homestay facilities in the region. The guest visit helps the economy, buying local products, buying art materials, and using local villagers as a guide or help.

Sourini, Taba Koshi, Mirik, Bunkulung, Rohini, Dawaipani, Lepchajagat, Palmazua/ Palmajua, Tunglu/Tonglu, Chitrey, Chamong, Ghoom, Chatakpur, Kuseong, Chimney, Lamahatta, Takdah, Tinchuley, Bara Mangua, Chotamangua, Sittong, Mungpoo, Ranju Valley, Rammam, Sandakphu, Gorkey, Gurdung, Latpanchar, Bamonpokhori, Dudhia, Peshok, Lebong, Mineral Spring, Darjeeling, Selim Hills, Bagura/ Baggura, Makaibari, Runglee Rungliot, Sourini Tea Estate, Ging Tea House, are some of the Homestay, Heritage House and Tea Bunglow in Darjeeling District. Each homestay has its unique charm & style. The host is quite hospitable and offers their best possible food and comfort to guests. The Homestay is generally clean & hygienic. Guests Activities are based on the homestay and its location. Our vehicle generally is available in all homestay. Homestay packages are generally with food. 

Some of the famous and nice homestay sites are the following. Here the hospitality is warm and one can participate in any activities of choice. One can cook or learn the agricultural practice, birding, and angling or just go for a short trek. Some of our guests have stayed for three days and extended it for a couple of days just to participate in their festival celebration. Guest returns to the same place again and again. The guest might learn to cook some of the local dishes like Momo or dumplings etc. Yes the sophistication is missing but the warmth and hospitality is pleasing 

Dreamway Destinations as a company has its presence in the Hills. Most of the homestay owners are linked with our company hence our guests can enjoy some extra help. We arrange for the complete homestay packages with a vehicle. The itinerary is generally tailormade with sightseeing as per guests' choice. But one has to keep in mind that all sightseeing cannot be covered in one night's stay. Hence the limitation is also taken care of. Homestay Packages are sometimes merged with mass tourism destinations like Mirik, Kurseong & Darjeeling. 

We also have Tea Tourism, Corporate Package, School Excursion, Camping, Adventure Tourism, Regular Tour packages which incorporate Homestay, Tea Bungalow, Tent House, Tents on Bank of River, Camping for Clubs & Organisations, Trekking, Birding, Angling & other adventures. These are all tailormade as per the requirements of the guests. 

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