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Home Stay - Sustainable Tourism - Eco-Tourism

Kalimpong has various sectors specially developed blockwise for Homestay or Sustainable villages or Ecostay. Eco-Tourism Or Homestay are related to nature, Community, society, preservation, and identity of the community. Each village or tribe feels proud to display their own art, culture, food, and style while developing Ecostay, Camping site, or homestay in their region. Home Stay and Festivals are the identities of each tribe or community. The best way to appreciate this is to stay at the homestay and enjoy the culture. Secondly celebrating their festival is also a way to patronize their identity and lastly is the intermixing with the hosts

Nepal, Sikkim & Darjeeling is home to Gorkha, Newar, Tamang, Rai, Limbu, Bhutia, Chettri, Sherpas, Magar, Gurung, Sunwar,  etc have developed homestay which is sustainable and eco-friendly. Thatched Bamboo cottages are one such favourite home which they promote for tourists. Bhutan is home to numerous ethnic groups, with many tribal peoples like the Brokpa, Lepcha, Ngalop, Sharchop, Lhotshampa, Lepcha, Doya, Rai, Limbu, living in rural villages all over Bhutan. 

Kalimpong's landscape is as rich and unspoiled as its culture. Steep high mountains, deep valleys, and swift rivers offer breathtakingly beautiful scenery. In the north, there is the alpine shrub and meadows of the Eastern Himalayas. Deolo Hill due to its beauty for the location, Cactus Nursery for enjoying the exotic Flowers, Durpin Dara Hill, Zong Dog Palri Fo Brang Gompa, Crockety, Haunted Morgan House, Saint Teresa’s Church for Blessings, Himalayan Handmade Paper Industry, and watch Paper-Making Process, Neora Valley National Park, Dr. Grahams Home are some of the places worth visiting. One can enjoy Kalimpong over a week's stay and casually roaming the town. One can stay in the outskirt also like Pedong, Rikissum, Ramdhura and Furung. 

Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim, Seven Sisters of North East, Sikkim & part of West Bengal is known for its diverse geography, history, soothing season, local people, and colourful festival. The region is home to many a tribe. These tribes have their unique cultures and architecture and is generally reflected in various structures they built, Homestay they make, and the local shopping centers.  Their life comes alive in the form of song, dance, and celebration during the festivals, we try to promote such packages which cover these festivals. These are nature lovers and include various forms of natural ingredients in their rituals and festivals. As almost all tribes are nature lovers and worship nature also. But the best part is their dance form, Colourful dresses and the style of enjoyment. 

Some of the popular festivals of the Seven Sisters of Northeast India are Kalachakra, Tshechus, Hornbill Festivals, Tea Festivals, Sangai, Bihu, Losar, Darjeeling Carnival, Ziro Music, Shillong, Saga Dawa, Solung, Nyokum, Mopin, Ambubachi Mela, Wangala, Nongkrem Dance, Kharchi Puja, Kang Chingba, Lui Ngai Ni, Anthurium, Chapchar Kut, etc. Some popular festivals of Nepal are equally colourful and are accompanied by dance, food, and music. The main festivals are Lhosar, Chhath, Fagu Purnima or Holi, Dashain, Tihar, Mha puja, Teej, Buddha Jayanti, etc. Buddhist celebrations held at temples, Dzongs, and monasteries throughout the country to mark important events in the life of Guru Rimpoche. Monks perform with sacred cham masked dances to the sound of horns and cymbals.

Graham's Home is the one and only organization of the regions which reflects the beauty of the region and its people. Due to its Tibetan influence, shopping can be a marvelous experience for people who love collecting art and artifacts. One can also find beautiful umbrellas, clothing items and shoes. One should hunt for locally made copper utensils as souvenirs. 100 of Nurseries are some of the largest commercial flower nurseries in Kalimpong and the locals cultivate beautiful exotic flowers and also export them.

We are trying to develop a sustainable village tourism package. It is a tool and has taken extra care to spread awareness of local culture and lifestyle. We as a tourism house try to just promote these homestays and communities as they are economically backward.  Recent time knowledgeable, passionate, nature lovers enquire about such places.  There are many organization, individuals, Tea Estate or even Government officials help to develop homestay so that our activities help local people socially and economically. Interaction with travelers and the knowledge that they are visiting for the richness in the culture brings in a sense of pride amongst the people and also brings in supplementary sources of income. We use our time and patience to identify our partners i.e. Homestay owners in each destination. Our focus was always on finding partners who are already involved in working with local people. Home stay or tea tourism is two of the options most popular among our guests. 

The concept of ecotourism is fast catching up locally and internationally. Kalimpong is not far behind. This is carbon negative and helps villagers to develop and redefine themselves. Homestay is arranged and run by villagers and it includes staying in villages or a whole village set up made especially for the guest. It is known by different names in different regions. Birding, short trails, angling are part of the stay and are not spoken or written separately, it is part of the concept.

With basic infrastructure and enjoying local cultures and environment makes the tour exciting. A local guide from the destination will help guests with their cultures and ways of life far better and earn a much-needed income. There are festivals and special arrangement for guest who wants more. Staying in cottages, fishing, small walks, cooking or simply doing nothing are some of the options travellers ask for. Village or Home Stay popularity is fast catching up and many of the places in this region are setting up such facilities with some form of adventure for the guest. The guest visit helps the economy, buying local products, buying art materials, and using local villagers as a guide or help.

These are newly developed units for the last two decades. Homestay is scattered all over the hills among various tribes and communities.  We prefer a sustainable community and their homestay. Homestay made out of illegal tree cutting and stolen timber is generally not appreciated. Neither do we offer our guests such a stay. Homestay or Eco stay are places to relax. Good Host, Peace-loving villages, Tea Estates, Tea Factories, Valley, Beautiful Locations, decent food, activities, safety, and security are the major factors attracting guests. Some homestays of the region are Chibbo Inn, Himalayan Eagle Resort Home Stay, In Charkhol are Marigold Homestay, Paradise Homestay and Tamang Home Stay, In Pabong is Chitrakot Homestay, aafnopan Homestay in Samthar Bazaar, Guruchang Homestay in Upper Icchey gaon Or Sherpagaon, Friendship homestay, Golden Reshap Homestay, Mageer Bari Homestay and Natural View Homestay at Rishyap, Thapa homestay, Alpha Homestay & Magar Bari Homestay at Bich Kagey, Tribal Trees at Dalapchand or Lower Bidhyang, Alisha Homestay, Banalata Homestay Heaven Valley homestay, Himalaya Homestay, Khaling Homestay, Niraj Homestay, Nirila Homestay at Sillery gaon,  Nirmala Homestay, Pema Homestay, Renu Homestay, Sankit Homestay, Saurav Homestay, Sherpa Homestay, Sillery retreat homestay, Sumiksha Homestay at Kashyone, Sillery gaon,  Moktan Homestay, Ronglee at Kashyone, Shemana Dhara, Dimmaliz Homestay in upper Kasheym, Casero Homestay, Dronga Homestay, Fly Catcher Homestay, Silence Valley Homestay, Kolakham Retreat, Minivet Homestay, Nest Homestay, Paradise Homestay, Pincho Homestay, Red Panda Homestay, Wagtail Homestay at Kolakham, Kumai Gorkha Homestay, Sahil Homestay, White House Homestay at Kumai Tea Estate [Moray Forest Village], Yonzonla Homestay in Lower Kumai, Green Island Homestay at Jaldhaka, Anjit Homestay, Golshimal Homestay, Jhusing Homestay, Leela Homestay, Tenzing Homestay, Rana Homestay at Lingsey, Rupesha Homestay at Gumpha Dhara, Lava Bazaar, Silk Route Retreat & Damsang Eco Homestay at Pedong, Monkey Lodge, Reshi Eco Tourism Homestay, Prakriti Eco Homestay at Reshi Khola, Anamika Homestay, Ekta Homestay, Kynance Homestay, Poudyal Homestay, Satyam Homestay, Sima Homestay at Sangsay in Barmaik, Ecchay Homestay, Munal Homestay, Khambu Homestay, Marigold Homestay, Khawas Homestay, Lama Homestay, Muskan Homestay, Nimsang Homestay at Sangsay in Eccheygaon, Holiday Homestay, Kambhung Homestay, Miyang Homestay, Mount Valley Homestay in Upper Gairi Gaon, Green View Homestay, Mechilingma Homestay, Tamu Dhe Homestay, View Point Homestay in Gairibas, Neora Valley Eco Homestay at Chilouni Forest Busty, Trishna Homestay, Kushal Homestay, Mejhor Homestay, Suntaley Khola Homestay, Finny Homestay, King Liang Homestay, Namchumo Homestay, Anjani Homestay, Supriya Homestay, Tempula Homestay, Dibya Homestay at Samsing, Hariyali Homestay, Namrata Homestay, Priyanka Homestay at Samsing, Rocky Island are some homestay situated in Kalimpong district. The host is quite hospitable and offers their best possible food and comfort to guests. The Homestay is generally clean & hygienic. Guests Activities are based on the homestay and its location. Our vehicle generally is available in all homestay. Homestay packages are generally with food. Dreamway Destinations also arrange for angling apart from the usual hikes, picnics, and sightseeing tours.

The benefits are  participating in Sustainable village tourism, observe about the lifestyle of the group/tribe, guest can spread their own message, Teach and learn environmental issues, Gain knowledge about a particular place /region/people, Enjoy an idea of culture, religion, etc, visiting Offbeat destination, learn cooking, agriculture, angling, etc and Participate in local festivals

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