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Major Destinations in Sikkim

Sikkim, the 22nd State of India known for its strategic location and as one of the last Himalayan `Shangri - La`, its climate, natural beauty and the fine cultural heritage attract tourist from all over the globe. Nearly wide range of Orchids and varied species of butterflies are found at various altitudes of the state. Its remoteness, spectacular mountain terrain, varied flora – fauna, monasteries and the marvelous view of the Himalayan Range makes it a unique destination. Sandwiched between Nepal, TAR in China and Bhutan is this beautiful state of India. Leisure tour, Pilgrimage Tourism, Heritage Tourism,  Cultural tour, Village Tourism, Hot Spring, Caves, Buddhist Circuits, Flora and Fauna, Lakes and Glaciers, Wild life Sanctuaries, Trekking, Adventure tourism

Districts of Sikkim

East district is the most populated and developed. Gangtok being the capital town with main administrative and business centre. Apart from the modern attractions of the capital town, in the east you will also find the beautiful Tsomgo Lake, the historically important Nathu la, as well as many monasteries and temples. Rumtek & Ranka are the most attractive monastary of the region. Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim and the business hub.

West District - West Sikkim is rich with history and religios activity. The first Chogyal of Sikkim was consecrated at Yuksom in 1642 and this is where the holiest and most important monasteries of Sikkim were established, including Dubdi and Sanga Choling, the first monasteries to be built in Sikkim. West Sikkim is beautiful terrain abounding in lakes and waterfalls and also has great trekking routes. Gyalshing is the head quarter town of the West District.

South District - South Sikkim offers variety of tourist attractions. View of the Khangchendzonga range, the south of Sikkim is a land of picturesque villages and high hills. Near Namchi, the district headquarters is Samdruptse Hill, the site of the 135 feet tall statue of Guru Padmasambhava. Attractions in the south are Tendong Hill and Maenam Hill, of mythical importance to the Lepchas and Bhutias, as well as the tourist destination of Ravangla which hosts the annual Pang Lhabsol festival with great pageantry. Namchi is the district headquarter and is 78 kilometers from Gangtok.

North District - This is the most beautiful of the districts, it offers exquisite experience for the lover of Nature and alpine scenery. Yumthang, Hot water spring, The rhododendron alone is captivating, with its panoramic Valley of Flowers. During springtime the lush meadows abound with delicate flowers offers a riot of colors. A must-see here are the Hot Springs and the vibrant Sikkimese tribal culture and customs. 67 kms from Gangtok is the Mangan District Headquarter of North District. A three day music festival is held at Mangan in December every year. Best to visit from December to mid April

Hot Water Spring 
  • Yumthang Hot Spring is nearly 25 kilometers from Lachung
  • Yume Samdong Hot Spring at the base of the Donkia-la Pass
  • Reshi Hot Spring located about 25 kilometers from Gyalshing, 
  • Borong and Ralong Hot Springs are located within 7 kilometers from each other

Lakes & Glaciers
  • Tsomgo (Changu) Lake - Situated in East Sikkim District and situated nearly 40 kilometers from Gangtok and at an altitude of 12000 feet is one of the most visited lakes of the state, This beautiful Lake is embedded in steep and rugged mountain terrain and covered with snow cover from early winter to late spring. 

  • Menmecho Lake -  This nice isolated lake is situated 20 kilometers ahead of Tsomgo is the much larger Menmecho Lake at an altitude of 12500 feet. It is a stunningly beautiful lake with snow cover from early winter to late spring. It is famous for its trout and a farm to cultivate these fish also exists nearby. Fishing is allowed. Accommodation for the visitors coming here is available.

  • Lampokari Lake - This nice and beautiful lakje is situated in East Sikkim. Lampokari Lake at Aritar in East Sikkim is serene Lake, surrounded by lush greenery is considered one of the oldest in Sikkim and is about 350 meters in length and 75 meters wide.It is being given artificial embankment to facilitate boating, a first for Sikkim.

  • Khecheopalri lake - Situated at an elevation of nearly 1799 meters is a holy lake. It is situated near Pelling in West Sikkim. Located between Gyalshing and Yuksum and surrounded by hills. It is one of the most beautiful lakes also known as the Wishing Lake and is considered as sacred by both Buddhists and Hindus. It is believed that even birds protect 

Four Holy Caves Of Sikkim

The caves are located in four cardinal directions surrounding Tashiding monastery. The Holy cave are in Sikkim four different directions i.e.  The caves are Laringvigphu (old cave of God’s hill) in the north, Kahdosangphu (cave of the fairies) in the South, pephu (Sacret Cave) in the east and Drchhenphu (the cave of happiness) in the west

  • Laringnigphu (Old Caves of God's will) is considered to be the holiest of the caves and it is one day walk from Lapdang (Lapdang is 20 kilometers away from Tashiding by road) and can be reached in nearly three days from Tashiding. Lha-ri nying phu route is precarious trek from Tashiding.  This cave is associated with the application of wrathful activities. It has three caves facing eastwards.

  • Dechenphu (Cave of Fairies) defy easy accessibility. It has the highest altitude amongst the four caves and involves a one day daunting and murderous trek – taking you from almost 5000 feet to 11000 feet. Fourteen kilometers downhill from Pelling is the village of Namphu at about 5000 feet above mean sea level and it is here till where the vehicle goes rest is to trek. 

  • Kahdosangphu (Secret Cave) lies at Reshi hot spring on the Jorthang-Gyalshing highway. To reach the hot spring and the cave one has to walk about ten minutes from the highway across the river Rangit by a pedestrian suspension bridge

  • Pephu (Cave of Happiness) lies near Sangmoo which is situated five (05) kilometre away from Ravangla on the highway between Singtam and Ravangla. One has to walk about half an hour downhill from Sangmoo to reach the cave which lies between the Tendong and Maenam hills. Its cavern is said to extend to both the Tendong and Maenam hilltops and height varies from five to one hundred feet. 

Passes of Sikkim


  • Nathula Pass - Nathula Pass was a major corridor of passage between India and Tibet nearly 55 kilometers from Gangtok at an altitude of 14400 feet, the road to Nathula passes through the Tsomgo Lake. Chumbi valley visible on clear day and one can see Chinese soldiers on the other side of the barbed wire. Nathula is open for Indian nationals & Foreign nationals are not allowed

  • Jelep La Pass - Nearly 46 metres in length and situated at an altitude of 4386 metres, Jelep La or Pass like Nathula is situated on the Eastern border of Sikkim. The Pass itself is barren and desolate, where the wind blows at great speed and howls throughout the year specially at night. It also offers a breathtaking view over the famous Younghusband Trail.

  • Dongkia Pass - Donkia-la is situated in North Sikkim serves as a link between the Lachung and Lachen valleys and is restricted area. One can see the great Tibetan Plateau in the distant horizon. It lies between Gurudongmar lake and Yumthang Valley On the North side of the plateau, standing at an altitude of 5518 meters is the calm and placid Cholamo Lake, 6.5 kilometers long and 2.5 kilometers wide.

  • Chiwabhanjang Pass - Chiwabhanjang in West Sikkim is at an altitude of 3143 meters. There are two small lakes known as Bhut-Pokaris. An inspection bungalow is a silent witness to the British presence here in the old days, to protect Sikkim from attacks from Nepal. It is also possible to reach Chiwabhanjang from Uttarey in Sikkim through a 3 hour trek.

Trekking Maps 

Gangtok walking tour; Damthang Tendong; Rabongla -Maenam; Tashi View Point - Tinjure; Hiley - Varsey; Linzey-Tolung, Yoksum-Dzongri; HMI Base Camp - Boktak - Phalut - Chiwabhanjang; Lachen-Green Lake; Thangu-Muguthang; Zadong-Cholamu; Lhasar- Yumey Samdong; Namphu-Dechenphu Cave; Labdang-Larinimphu Cave; Pastanga - Khedi; Aritar - Richila & Lingzey - Khedi 

Monastery in Sikkim
  • Pemayangtse Monastery situated in West Sikkim at Gyalshing 
  • Rumtek Monastery situated 24 kilometers from Gangtok 
  • Enchey Monastery is situated in Gangtok on a hill top
  • Phensang Monastery is in North Sikkim
  • Phodang Monastery s in North Sikkim 28 kilometers from Gangtok
  • Tashiding Monastery is 40 kilometers from Gyalshing 
  • Sanga Chelling Monastery is situated about 7 kilometers from Pemayangste
  • Dubdi Monastery is located near Yuksum on a hill top
  • Khechopalri Monastery is located just above the famous near Yukusm.
  • Melli Monastery is also located near Yuksum.
  • Sinon Monastery is located about 10 kilometers from Tashiding 
  • Dalling Monastery is situated near kwezing in .
  • Yang yang Monastery is situated at Yangyang 10 kilometers downhill from Rabongla
  • Namchi Monastery is located in Namchi
  • Kwezing Monastery is located near Kwezing in South Sikkim
  • Simik Monastery is situated in near Singtam town
  • Lingtem Monastery is located in the Zongu area of North Sikkim.
  • Chawang Ani Monastery is located near Phensang which is on the highway between Gangtok amd Mangan
  • Rhenock Monastery is in Aritar near Rongli
  • Khatok Monastery is located in East Sikkim near Pakyong
  • Bermiok Monastery is situated in South Sikkim above Singtam
  • Lachen Monastery is in Lachen in North Sikkim 
  • Lachung Monastery is in Lachung at North Sikkim 
  • Sang monastery is situated near Rumtek 
  • Ralong Monastery is situated near Rabongla in South Sikkim

Some of the famous trek routes of Sikkim are 

  • Dzongri Trek
  • Green Lake Trek
  • Dzongri - Sandakphu Trek 
  • Varsey / Bharsey Trek
  • Rhododendron Trek
  • Monastery Trek
  • Mulkharkha Trek




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