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Rinchenpong, Kaluk, Yangtey & Borong

Yangtey, Borong, Kaluk, Chayataal, Rinchenpong, Hee and Borong packages, Sightseeing & Transfer are all arranged by our team. West Sikkim District has offers yet unknown to most tourist. This part of the world offers a magnificent command over the mountain views, sunrise, and sunset. Other attractions are enhanced by flora and fauna, village tourism, historical sites, and Resum Monastery, rich forests. Short Treks, Trails and Village walk are some more active options.

Kaluk is small and a quaint settlement in the West Sikkim district. It is quite popular among tourists as a place in need of solitude amidst nature. Situated ideally in the foothills of Eastern Himalayas the place is heaven to nature lover. Kaluk tucked at an elevation of nearly 5600 feet is known for its tranquil ambiance and surreal view of Mount Kanchenjunga. Enriched by abundance of natural beauty Kaluk is a newfound gem in the Eco-tourism of Sikkim. The quaint village of Kaluk with its rich history, culture, nature, and religious ethic has made it one of the most places in Sikkim. It is nearly 02 kilometers from Rinchenpong located at an altitude of 5300 feet / 1620 meters.  Rinchenpong, Kaluk, Hee, Bermiok, and Chayataal is just smaller destinations with scenic beauty for a leisure holiday. The destinations are quite close to one another. The major attraction of the place is the view of the Kanchenjunga and its range. Rinchenpong and Kaluk can be considered as the same destination one can literally walk from one destination to the other. Regarding stay, Kaluk is better but Rinchenpong too has homestay bit cheaper than Kaluk. With the package booking service of Dreamway Destinations one can save their time and money to stay in Kaluk or Rinchenpong Or Chayataal according to the liking and budget. Rinchenpong is a hamlet in West Sikkim about 10 kilometers due south of Gyalshing, close to the village of Kaluk. It is situated at an elevation of 5576 feet i.e. 1700 meters. It is popular among tourist for Popular for Rigsum Monastery and trekking routes. November to April end is the best time to visit. Tourists can enjoy and witness the vibrant vista of Rhododendron in Varsey sanctuary from Kaluk. Rest of the year the region is shrouded beneath the white mist and if not drenched by the rainfall.

Close to the settlement is the site of a historical battle between the forces of the then Chogyal (King) of Sikkim and the invading British forces. Lepcha tribesmen settled their used a concoction of unidentified herbs to poison the only water source, a lake. As a result of drinking water, more than half of the British forces were killed, which stopped the British invasion and resulted in an accord. It is still believed that the lake remains poisoned even to this day and is known as Bikh-Pokhri or poisoned lake. The people here are hospitable and god-fearing and generally speak in Nepali, Lepcha, Bhutia, Hindi, and English. Rinchenpong offers the majestic view of mount Kanchanjunga / Khangchendzonga, the third highest peak of the world and the second-highest peak of India. From Rinchenpong is a monastery nearly 08 kilometers away called as Maggi Dara. It was made famous by the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. He penned down numerous staying in this region. A marble plaque engraved with words from Gitanjali has been set up a little distance away to commemorate his stay.

From Rinchenpong nearly 11 kilometers is the small settlement of Sribadam. It is a forest village that is known for the Phuntsok Choeling Monastery. It is generally a meditation center and also a wellness center hence visited by a lot of ailing devotees who believe this place can help heal the sick with religious practices and rituals.  Bhaishi Pokhari, Jhor Pokhari, and the Woodwork Industry is worth visiting. One can trek from here to Uttarey or Varsey. A home stay at Sribadam is one more attraction. Village walk, meditation, birding or going fishing are a few more options guests can enjoy staying here.  

Borong is tucked at an elevation of 5800 feet in the South Sikkim district overlooking the snow-capped mountains. Visible Himalayan range offer the view of mount Rathong, mount Pandim, mount Kabrue and mount Sinochu. It is a charming village and has become a paradise for nature lovers. It is ideally located Located 17 kilometers from Ravangla. One can experience the warmth of true Sikkimese hospitality while visiting the picturesque hamlet. Borong is slowly gaining its fame among the tourist due to its serene ambiance in South Sikkim. Borong is the base camp for Maenam peak. It is nearly 03 hours trek.  Maenam has left many trekkers mesmerised by its beauty. The trek passes through  spiraling road through the alpine forest reaching the blessed hamlet. Borong is also known for its hot springs Borong Tsachu on the bank of river Rangeet, 03 kilometers away. Ralang Monastery is known for its annual festival Pang Lhabsol. Places of interest nearby are Ralong Monastery, Borong Monastery, Vanjan Valley, Barmeli Bridge, and Fatam village. 

Yangtey is surrounded by Alpine forest with the woody fragrance of pine and conifer with a breathtaking vista of the Himalayan range is a charming setup. Situated nearly 09 kilometers from Pelling at an altitude of 6000 feet is a serene hamlet overlooking the daunting snow-clad Himalayan range is Yangtey. It is an enthralling experience traveling on the winding road and accompanied by the roaring river Teesta and lofty mountainous valley. The nearby forest offer some exotic orchids and few lakes which is an ideal place for a relaxing walk amidst the nature. Yangtey as a small settlement is in an amazing set up in the western district of Sikkim is the ideal destination for nature lovers where the bounty of nature are can be found in abundance. Pemayangtse Monastery of Nyingmapa sect in January-February, offer ‘Cham’ [Religious dance] and within a walking distance of 10 minutes from the Monastery is the Rabdantse, the ruins of the second former capital of Sikkim. Places of interest nearby are Pelling, Yuksom, Kaechopalri Lake, Changay Fall & Kanchendzonga Falls.

The Village of Hee And Bermiok is 06 kilometers from each other. From Bermiok another 09 kilometers is Chayataal. Hee is situated at an elevation of 5905 feet on Kaluk Dentam road. Hee is the first village from the Pelling Road next Bermiok and on the end is Chayataal. They are in the buffer zone of Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary. Amidst nature, Bermiok is around 150 kilometers away from New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP). Cottages in and around Bermiok there are small hamlets of Lepcha tribes. Places of interest near are Sirijunga Fall or Sirijunga Vadhan. One more interesting attraction is the meeting point of Reshi Khola and Kalej. Situated and exploring Sirijunga cave which is locally known as Sirijunga Phuku is also quite fascinating and adventurous. Also, see the mysterious holy box. Guests can take a village trail amidst nature and also visit Phagu Dnara via Martam village. Visit to Yuma Samyo Mangheem and Chhaya Taal located at Hee Kyangbari can also be on the card. Here in this beautiful little lake amidst lush green nature, one can enjoy the boating. One more attraction near Hee village is to enjoy the visit to the water park and the largest prayer wheel. The best time to visit is October to December and March to May.

Places of Interest

  • Gurung Monastery 
  • Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary
  • Singshore Bridge
  • Kagyu Gumpha 
  • Phuntsok Choeling Monastery 
  • Chayataal
  • Phagu Dnara 
  • Sirijunga cave 
  • Bikh-Pokhri 
  • Jhor Pokhari
  • Sribadam
  • Borong
  • Yangtey
  • Dentam
  • Maggi Dara 
  • Sopakha-Charan Tar
  • Nunthaley Jor Pokhari
  • Hee 
  • Bermiok
  • Martam Village
  • Kaluk

Communication: The nearest Major Airport is Bagdogra Airport (IXB) and the nearest major Railway Station is New Jalpaiguri Rilway Station (NJP). Both the station is approximately 130 kilometers and is nearly 4½ hours drive. Traveler can cover this distance to reach Kaluk by directly hiring a car from Bagdogra Airport (IXB) or New Jalpaiguri Rilway Station (NJP). With car rental service of Dreamway Destinations, travelers can easily book through us at a reasonable cost. Kaluk or Rinchenpong to Gangtok is approximately 105 kilometers and is 04 hours drive. Kalimpong is only 75 kilometers from here and Pelling is 35 kilometers. Road transport in Sikkim is the best option for Package tour. We provide Luxury Vehicle like Toyota Innova, Xylo & Scorpio. Standard vehicle like Bolero & Tata Sumo and smaller vehicle like Wagon R, Maruti Van, Swift desire, etc are provided by us. It is always better to book vehicle in advance as during peak season there is shortage of decent vehicle. 

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