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Corporate Package

Incentive or motivational travel rewards allow the building of relationships with peers away from work and this is what is all about corporate tours. Organizations and Institutes offer their executives the opportunity to experience something unique as a group. Recognition also generates the desire to continue to excel and earn similar rewards in subsequent programs. The Packages starts with a minimum of 10 Guests. It is exclusively designed as Luxury, Classic, Deluxe, Executive and Standard. Offers of packages are many some comes as rewards some as a bonus and many a company have it annually and some throughout the year in batches.

As one can have an idea that the highest level of executives sometimes opts for adventure based or Team building packages which require quite a time to get hold of experience and expertise manpower. Hence we always try to book such packages well in advance. It gives us time to prepare and we get better cost of hotels and resorts. Being popular destinations hotels, Home Stay and resorts get booked in advance and the options get limited a time approach.

Corporate packages include all the features of standard packages like Transfer from Airport or Railway Station to Site, stay in Hotel, Resort or sometimes on demand in the Home stay, Sightseeing, Activities and cultural show. The exclusive parts are the conference arrangement, Sound systems, Party and various forms of requirements. Team building activities, adventure capsules or closed-door party.  It also has options for meetings, conference and presentation.

There are a few places and activities in East and North east India i.e. seven sisters, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Bhutan or any adjoining places. Bhutan which remains least explored, and a few more destinations and activities have been put together by our team with time. Nepal, Sikkim Darjeeling, Assam & Shillong have these systems of conference for years. Hence the corporate packages cn be handled easily in these popular destinations. In offbeat and new found destinations special manpower, infrastructure and other minor arrangement has to be carried along with the team.

There are few Signature Itineraries and fixed destinations which are routine for many a company. Yet nowadays there are few companies which keep on searching newer avenues and options. It is also our service to update all about the various new places and resorts coming up just to widen their search.

It is a unique opportunity, privilege and experience for a traveler to avail of these opportunities being offered exclusively by Dreamway Destinations and their support staff. Other than travel itineraries, the  destinations offer various dimension, a concept where travel only involves to do good for the place of visit and at the same time take back love, blessings and moments of feel good factor. We generally bring along our own kitchen or catering system. Incentive or motivational travel rewards allow the building of relationships. They give participants the opportunity to experience something unique as a group, something that they could not do on their own. Recognition also generates the desire to continue to excel and earn similar rewards in subsequent programs.

Corporate Tours are what makes incentive travel experiences more meaningful motivational and memorable from the participant's viewpoint. A niche package aimed at serving the new-age traveler who's looking at qualitative and value-added holidays. One who need / wants to provide himself and his loved ones an exquisite holiday experience with no parallel. Every minute detail has our special touch, and nothing is ever left to chance. You have to experience it to believe it! 

Various activities are held for boosting up the potential, Provides individual incentives, Enhance motivation, Refreshing Break, etc. Dreamway Destinations organize all activities & services and offer the best Products of the region can offer with existing infrastructure. Our day activities includes trekking, rock & rope activities, river rafting, mountain biking, camping, jungle hikes, village walk, archery, paragliding, etc and our evening activities are limited to Storytelling, folk dance, campfire, barbecue, music and other similar activities. Everybody needs a break and we hope that we have been able to arouse your curiosity for a few of our activities. We would be more than happy to hot you and be your guide to take you on a journey, a path less travelled but travelled well.

Services offered are

  • Arrival Transfer 
  • Special refreshments on arrival
  • Deluxe transfers
  • Delicious meals prepared by our own Chefs
  • Special gala dinner and entertainment on our group tours
  • Stay at the finest accommodations
  • Hygienic Food & Beverages (Own Chef on demand)
  • Technical value additions on tour
  • Cultural Show & Entertainment
  • Professional tour managers / Guide 
  • Pre-departure get together and airport assistance
  • Memorable sightseeing (Optional shopping tours)
  • Bonfire, Barbeque, 
  • Pre and post conference tours 
  • Activities involves
  • Birding Tour
  • Trek
  • Forest Safari
  • Forest Trails
  • Angling
  • Picnic
  • Camping
  • Departure Transfer

With our expansion and experience corporate can get more out of both - the world’s favorite destinations and their employees, agents and dealers. Dreamway Destinations unfolds many offbeat experiences and special value added capsules to make the tour memorable. Value addition with thrilling adventure and trails that bring out the real flavor from the place of visit. We also helps select the ideal venue for Product launches, Seminars, Conferences, Official openings, Conventions, training programs, Sales, incentive meetings, award ceremonies, Team building programs, Gala dinner or cocktail receptions. The motto behind the incentive tours is to replenish the stamina in the exhausted soul. In one word rejuvenating. We try to deliver more than our commitment to get back successive packages. We specialize in creating memorable cost-effective group travel incentive programs to build camaraderie and enthusiasm among your associates and enhance performance along the way. We believe in giving our clients' Premium Holidays at the most realistic cost.

Our USP:

  • Carefully listening to the corporate specific requirements and using our expertise to make their ideas and plans a reality
  • Selecting the most comfortable and reliable means of transportation 
  • Using only hotels that we have inspected that meet with Guest standards
  • Maintaining the strongest possible commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Each component meets the Value for money
  • Best possible Comfort & Security 

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