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Special Attraction

The Snow peak Mountains of the Himalayan Range and the altitude made Darjeeling the Summer Capitals of the Britishers during pre-independence. Vivid landscapes, Historical values, tea plantation and processing, soothing weather makes Darjeeling a tourist destination. Darjeeling is a historical destination with many an attraction for tourists. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway known as the DHR or Toy Train is one such attraction. Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park [The Only Snow Leopard Breeding Center] is the second Reason. The internationally famous Orthodox Tea along with the Tea Plantation & Tea processing Units is one more reason. Sandakphu Phalut Trekking Route and the beauty of Himalayan Peaks and range is similarly one more reason for the Destination. It is also famous for Eco / Home Stay, Tea Tourism, Corporate Packages, Adventure Tourism, and similar activities. 

Eco / Home Stay - These are newly developed units for the last two decades. Homestay is scattered all over the hills among various tribes and communities. Initially, the Idea sprouted with Rajah Banerjee of Makaibari homestay. He had his Tea Bungalow and a homestay unit called Hum Tera with 13 homestay which later developed into a slum due to lack of policies. Gradually the Idea spread among others also. Gradually it started with Kurseong and now there are over 150 decent homestays all around Darjeeling. Out of 300 odd homestays, 100 are worth staying rest worth visiting. Cheaper version and indigenous idea. Few agents for their own benefits have started a few which are not up to the standard. Few are really good, Few are Ideally located and few are nice as they have incorporated their tribal culture which really makes them unique. Dreamway Destinations is quite choosy about the homestay as we have to cater to guests who are our patrons. Homestay tours and packages generally include transport and food. As the Eco stay or homestay are isolated hence the availability of restaurants is nearly nil. We prefer a sustainable community and their homestay. Homestay made out of illegal tree cutting and stolen timber is generally not appreciated. Neither do we offer our guests such a stay. Homestay or Eco stay are places to relax. Good Host, Peace-loving villages, Tea Estates, Tea Factories, Valley, Beautiful Locations, Good Food, Guests Activities, and Safety are the major attractions for Homestay or Ecostay. We have a list of them and it includes some of the best homestays of the region. 

Ging Tea House, Sourini Tea Bungalow, Runglee Rungliot Bungalow, Mayfair Tea House, Goomtee Tea Bungalow, Glenburn Tea Bungalow, Selim Tea Bungalow, Chamong, Ghoom, Chatakpur, Kuseong, Chimney, Lamahatta, Takdah, Tinchuley, Bara Mangua, Chotamangua, Sittong, Mungpoo, Ranju Valley, Rammam, Sandakphu, Gorkey, Gurdung, Latpanchar, Bamonpokhori, Dudhia, Peshok, Lebong, Mineral Spring, Darjeeling, Selim Hills, Bagura/ Baggura, Makaibari, Runglee Rungliot, Sourini Tea Estate, Sourini Parivar, Taba Koshi, Mirik, Bunkulung, Rohini, Chetna Farm House, Orion Homestay, Dawaipani, Lepchajagat, Palmazua/ Palmajua, Tunglu/Tonglu, Chitrey, are some of the Homestay, Heritage House and Tea Bungalow in Darjeeling District. Each homestay has its unique charm & style. The host is quite hospitable and offers their best possible food and comfort to guests. The Homestay is generally clean & hygienic. Guests Activities are based on the homestay and its location. Our vehicle generally is available in all homestay. Homestay packages are generally with food. Dreamway Destinations also arrange for angling apart from the usual hikes, picnics, and sightseeing tours.

Tea Tourism - Want to stay at a typical plush colonial planters’ bungalow, Stay in rooms with a view of the mountains Or want to head to a retreat by the river, Try the Options of Darjeeling Tea Bungalows. Try the super luxurious stay. Some of the best Tea Estates and Beautiful Tea Estates in the world are located in Darjeeling District. Orthodox Tea of this region has an international stadium. Some has already received The GI Tag [Geographical Identification] Mim Tea House, Ging Tea House, Sourenee Tea Bungalow, Runglee Rungliot Bungalow, Stenthal Tea Bungalow, Singtom Tea Estate, Selim Tea Bungalow, Chamong Bungalow, Makaibari Homestay, Mayfair Tea House, Cochrane Place, Goomtee Tea Bungalow, Glenburn Tea Bungalow, etc. Dreamway Destinations also arrange for angling apart from the usual hikes, picnics, and sightseeing tours. Guests generally take a tour of the garden and factory followed by a spot of tea tasting. Go hiking or for a picnic, we are there to help.

Corporate Packages - Corporate Packages & Events are held in these regions are exclusively designed by us. Popularly known as Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions [MICE] among corporate. Launching of Product, Film shoot, Advertisement shoot, etc is also a part of it. Northeast diversity opens doors for some excellent and unforgettable corporate tours. Few travel destinations in the northeast are best suited for corporate tours and events. It offers unmatchable meetings, incentives, conferences & events in the region. We ensure remarkable services in order to keep the event or tours exclusive and comfortable. Northeast boasts varied best destinations for outings in the northeast. Hence one can never run out of ideas as to where to organize the best event or tour. Dreamway Destinations is a leading corporate tour organizer, to keep events/holidays eventful, organized, and of course hassle-free. Our experts are trained to cater to all your needs and to ensure that not even the minuscule detail. It is always advisable to discuss the requirement before planning the tour. We generally have corporate tours and travel packages that are affordable and packed with all the goodness/requirements.

Adventure Tourism - The Himalayan region is unique for adventure. Safety & security is the basic backup of adventure tourism hence Dreamway Destinations always advises guests to give details of individuals so that the adventure planned suits the guests. Adventure tourism is a tourist activity that includes physical activity, a cultural exchange, or activities in nature. Adventure tourism is very popular among young age tourists. Adventure tourism gains much of its excitement by allowing the tourists to step outside their comfort zone. Adventure travel is a type of tourism, involving exploration or travel with a certain degree of risk, and which may require special skills and physical exertion. Trekking and expedition are some of the main attractions in the Himalayan region.  Experiencing cultural shock or through the performance of acts, that required some degree of risk (real or perceived). 

Expertise Of Dreamway Destinations

  • We make all of the inquiries as per your Plan
  • We do all the planning initially for the packages
  • Look after all of the bookings 
  • Offer advice to add various capsules like angling, Camping etc 
  • Offer changes if a problem arises
  • Our executive checks all bookings
  • Offer the best possible itinerary at the time of booking.
  • We communicate constantly about any problems before the journey
  • We deliver booked Itinerary Information/details
  • Our host/driver/guides execute the program
  • Friendly drivers meet the Guests/family/group on arrival for assistance
  • Driver or Guides stay with the group throughout the excursion.
  • The host manages the tour for guests to relax and enjoy
  • Our office team render support during the excursion
  • We also look into and try to overcome unforeseen incidents 



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