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Birgunj - This town of Birgunj - Located in the south eastern Nepal near Indian border town of Raxaul. Birgunj is the most important land entry point for goods to and this town is situated about 3 kilometers from the north Indian border Raxaul. It is the main transit point for freight between India and Nepal, the road is mobbed by trucks, jostled by rickshaws and choked by traffic fumes. Most of Nepal's exports leave the country via the hectic border crossing at Raxaul Bazaar and travelers prefer to enter Nepal via the crossings at Sunauli and Kakarbhitta.

Birgunj not only caters to the need of travelers but also is the favourite place of businessmen and pilgrims going to other destinations in Nepal. But spending a day or two at Birgunj is advisable to guest and tourist as it is worth it. A city which is multi lingual and multi ethnic groups exist is appealing to all and one can get a taste of Nepal. Birgunj is one of the few cities of Nepal to have a railway link to Raxaul, hence connected to the rest of India by Indian railway network. The nearest airport is Simara about 20 minutes drive from Birgunj and is connected to Kathmandu by several air flights a day. Birgunj is also well connected by road to most of the cities in Nepal. Like other places of Nepal there are many choices in luxurious to economic accommodation for travelers. Hindi (Indian language) is quite common here. Places of interest are Shankar Acharya Gate, Buddha Chaitya, Durga Temple, Ghadiharwa Pokhari, Clock Tower, City Hall, Goddess Gadi Mai temple at Kalaiya town nearly 13 kilometers from Birgunj. One can avail bus services from Kathmandu and other cities; it also has regular flights from Kathmandu. Some of the places of interest are Shanker Acharya Gate and Buddha Chaitya. It is nearly three kilometers from Raxaul and serves as the major entry point to Nepal from India. Raxaul is well linked up with Calcutta and Patna. It is undoubtly the biggest transit point in Nepal and is more useful as it is well linked up with other major cities like Kathmandu, Biratnagar and Bhaktapur. Birgunjk being a border town has multi lingual, multi ethnic groups and multi cultural outlook. Language for communication is Nepali, Maithali, Newari, Bhojpuri, Awadhi, Urdu and Hindi. The town like all other towns of Nepal has unique architecture that is an amalgamation of various styles. Options of trekking, mountaineering, religious tour, casino tour, leisure tour, adventure tour and mountain biking are there for tourist. Specialized tour of birding or angling tour is some of the tour conducted by the tourism agents of Nepal. The heat and noise is high at Birganj. There are some interesting buildings dotted around with the fanciful clock towering the centre of town is covered in Buddhist and Hindu iconography and just west is the popular Gahawa Maysan Mandir, sacred to Durga.

On the other side of Main Road is the Ghariarwa Pokhari, a sacred pond used by locals as a swimming pool. Nearby is Bal Mandir, a meeting hall styled after the Buddhist stupa at Bodhnath, and further south is a colorful Shiv Temple with a giant statue of Lord Shiva.

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Places of Interest

  • Shankar Acharya Gate
  • Buddha Chaitya
  • Durga Temple
  • Ghadiharwa Pokhari
  • Clock Tower
  • City Hall
  • Goddess Gadi Mai temple at Kalaiya town nearly 13 kilometers from Birgunj
  • Gahawa Maysan Mandir
  • Shiv Temple

Communication / Connectivity

Airways - The city is well connected by air and road.  Biratnagar Airport is the regional hub for vital air services serving the Eastern part of the country. It has an airport which is connected to Kathmandu and some other cities of Nepal. Simara Airport is 18 kilometers north near the highway in Pipara Simara, Bara district offers scheduled flights to Kathmandu. Birganj Airport is one of the busiest airports in Nepal with maximum flights to Kathmandu.

Railway - It is 3 kilometers north of the border of the Indian state of Bihar. Birganj was the only door to and from Nepal by road at first. It was the only city that connected the country with India. Birganj railway station was connected by a meter gauge railway line to Raxaul station in Bihar across the border with India. The 39 kilometers long meter gauge branch line of Indian Railways extended to Amlekhganj in Nepal.

Roadways - Birganj is linked with Kathmandu by Road and Air. It lies 283 kilometers south of the capital Kathmandu. It is 3 kilometers north of the border of the Indian state of Bihar. Tribhuvan Highway links it to Kathmandu. As an entry point to Nepal from Patna and Calcutta it is also known as the gateway to Nepal. The major mode of transport to the city is road transport. It is well connected to other parts of the country through buses and other vehicles. Tourist can hire vehicle for moving to places of Nepal


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