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Himalayan Mountaineering Institute - This mountaineering institute was founded in 1954 to commemorate the historic conquest of Everest on the 29th of May 1953, when Tenzing Norgay Sherpa of Darjeeling and Edmund Hillary of New Zealand set foot on Mount Everest. Edmund Hillary of New Zealand went on to be titled as Sir Edmund Hillary for the great achievement. The Institute was formed with the sole intention of imparting mountaineering skills to all the enthusiasts and was initiated by the Indian prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Tenzing Sherpa was one of the founding members and the Field Director of the Institute. It is situated on Jawahar Parbat adjoining The Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park. This Institute houses a museum which holds a rare collection of mementos from various Everest expeditions. Nawang Gombu, the first man to have climbed the Everest twice is presently the Chief Advisor for the Mountaineering Training. The institute till date has various rock climbing and mountaineering courses.

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