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Rock Garden / Ganga Maiya Park - Barbotey Rock Garden or popularly known as the Rock garden with its beautiful falls called the Chunnu Summer Falls. The Ganga Maya Park near it is also an added tourist attraction in the town of Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. There is another rock garden in Darjeeling known as Sir John Anderson Rock Garden and is a part of is a part of Lloyd's Botanical Garden. Situated approximately 10 kilometers from Darjeeling is a drive to be remembered with great rise and fall of heights. The road is to the right well before reaching Ghoom. The road descends rapidly into the valley. With sharp bends all the way, there are breathtaking / scenic views at many The Rock Garden is not one in the conventional sense. With a natural fall, artificial pond and various view points makes it attractive. The garden offers a beautiful view of a hill stream cascading over rocks along the slope, done up with flower gardens and sitting spaces at different levels. The Ganga Maya Park is further down the road nearly 3 kilometers from the Rock Garden. Mountain stream, past gazebos, clumps of flowering shrubs and trees, lake with boating facilities are available.

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