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Natural History Museum - Natural history museums provides an insight into the natural world of flora and fauna of the region. These museums depict the archeological evidences of the natural world and evolution of the natural environment. Sightseeing in Darjeeling will definitely have this in your itinerary no matter whoever the travel agent is. This museum offer glimpses of the natural world. There are several gardens and museums in Darjeeling that attract a lot of visitors and Natural History museum is worth visiting. Other than the museum one can also visit the Padamaja Naidu Zoological Park, botanical and the Lloyd Botanical Garden in Darjeeling but the historical order and the system of this museum will certainly attract attention. Natural History Museum in Darjeeling was established in the year 1903. In this history museum one can get acquaintance with nearly over 4000 specimens of Himalayan fauna and also a number of fauna indigenous to this particular region. The attractions or draws at the museum include fish insects, birds, bird's eggs, reptiles, butterflies and a large number of herbarium. Also present are the rare variety of crocodile, the estuarine crocodile. This specie of crocodile is responsible for loss of many human lives in Asia. There is a veritable riot of colors at Bengal Natural History Museum at Darjeeling in the form of vibrant and beautiful butterflies. Other than the butterflies there are a number of stones in their mineral forms that are displayed in a beautiful manner. This History Museum remains open on Sunday and Thursday it remains closed. The Museum opens from 10.00 in the Morning to 4.00 in the evening.

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