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Natural History Museum / Observatory Hill / Lloyd Botanical Garden - A few minutes walk from Chow Rasta is the Natural History Museum which has a wide range collection of preserved reptiles, birds, butterflies and other insects. A visit to the museum is a must especially for scholars of natural sciences. One can also walk on the road that skirts around the Observatory Hill and brings you back to where you started and takes about half an hour to cover. Above the Chow Rasta is the Observatory Hill on which is the Mahakal temple. Lloyd Botanical Garden is nearly ten minutes walk from the Chow Rasta a forty acre garden. It has a wide range of flora like chestnut, ash, birch, magnolia and maple trees with various species of orchids, azaleas and many other plants. A huge green house in the garden accommodates some of the species that are vulnerable to the weather it is a representation of all the types of flora that is found in the Himalayan region. The garden is more than century old and was donated by a British banker residing in Darjeeling.

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