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Zuluk is drenched is a riot of colours of wild flowers during Spring & Autumn. From January to April Zuluk is covered in snow. The rainy season of May to July is usually foggy but the rest of the year it has nice sparkling weather. Perched on the rugged terrain of the lower Himalayas in East Sikkim is the small Hamlet Zuluk close to the Indo China border. It is situated at an elevation of around 3000 meters / 10100 feet. It is a relatively new tourist destination and trhe infrastructure is not that developed. 

Zuluk is only a small village and the there are few other settlement like Lingtam, Padamchen and Nathang. The rising of the sun is a phenomenon in each place and the is beyond description. First rays touch the snow clad tip of the Khangehenzonga range on the west which slowly turns crimson and then golden and finally silver. Its a futile attempt to describe a scene which is breathtaking and awe-inspiring. Zuluk has an extreme climate during Winter and Summer is mild. Winter is very severe with snowfalls and freezing temperature while summer is wet and foggy. Nature has bestowed the region with abundant natural beauty hence after tourism started, it opened up a source of livelihood for these residents. Now more than 20 Homestay lined up from Reshi Khola to Nathang. Locals are quite honest and hospitable by nature hence has adopted fast to tourist flow. Another beauty is the sight of road through Zuluk makes almost 32 hairpin turns to reach Lungthung, which makes it a unique engineering feat. 

There is large military settlement, given that the Indo-Tibet boarder is close to it. The village itself is an attractive tourist destination for visitors looking for a peace. It is the base from which guests explore the higher altitude tourist destinations of Nathang Valley, Kupup and Tsongmo lake. Towards Rachela Pass there are settlement like Lingsey Padmchen, Zuluk to Chumbi valley in Tibet. After the Chinese aggression however Nathula is the official corridor between India and China.  The Thambi View Point at 11000 feet is a place from where one can have unhindered view of the Zigzag road on the adjoining hills. Guests can also cover Padamchen, Lungthung, Nathang, Kupup Lake, Tukla Valley and even travel to Gangtok after visiting Tsomgo lake. Zuluk has high diversity flora & fauna. The place shelters variety of birds like Monal Pheasant, Blood Pheasant, Khaleez Pheasant, Snow Pheasant and can also catch a glimpse of Himalayan Weasel or A Martin. Sighting of Red Panda, wild dog and deer is possible for the lucky ones. The route to Zuluk starts from either Kalimpong and passed through Pedong & Reshi Khola or Via Rangpo , Rorathang, Aritar or Lampolkari. 

Places of Interest

  • Padamchen
  • Lungthung
  • Mangkhim 
  • Nathang Valley
  • Lampokhori Or Aritar Lake
  • Mulkharka Lake (Trek)
  • Eagle’s Nest Bunker
  • Four Lake Point
  • Hangu Lake
  • Jelepla Pass
  • Kupup Lake
  • Lampokhari Lake
  • Laxman Chowk
  • Lingtam
  • Menmecho Lake
  • Nathula Pass
  • Thambi View Point
  • Tukla Valley
  • Yak Golf Course
  • Younghusband’s Golf Track
  • Baba Mandir
  • Changu / Tsomgo Lake


Nearest Airport & Railway Station i.e. Bagdogra Airport (IXB) / New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP) is about 120 kilometers and is nearly 04 - 05 hours drive. It is connected with Jorethang, Gangtok Siliguri & Kalimpong by jeep service and is just 03 to 04 hours drive. It is approximately and is 24 kilometers from Pedong & 45 kilometers from Kalimpong. It is nearly the same time from Gangtok. Aritar & Kalimpong is well connected with Zuluk. Lingsey is nearly 02 - 03 kilometers and takes nearly 45 minutes to walk from Aritar. Regular jeep services are available from Aritar to most of the places hence one has to cover the 02 to 03 kilometers to Aritar and avail shared Jeep or can book a vehicle.  The route from Bagdogra Airport (IXB) / New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP) is along River Teesta till Teesta Bazar next to Aritar and next Lingsey.

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