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khecheopalri Home stay

A Cozy Eco Retreat And Home Stay in the heart of Khecheopalri which is just 20 minutes uphill. There are signage all along the way. Sikkim is a land of various different cultures and religion. In its villages and houses life follows it's own rhythm and meaning. To get to know the culture to it's roots one has to be in the home stay in a villages. West Sikkim is a place of great natural beauty. In the surrounding of Pelling, Tashiding and Yuksom one can see some some of the most impressive monasteries, sacred places, Wildlife, high altitude lakes and historical sites. Hiking from village to village one gets to know the different ways of living of the local people like the Lepchas, Bhutias and various ethnical groups. Thick forests, gushing rivers and waterfalls, Rhododendrons and orchids, colourful butterflies and birds and above all the majestic Khanchendzonga range make this trip an unforgettable experience. Khecheopalri Lake itself is a great attraction and the locals also refer to it as Sho Dzo Sho, which means ‘Oh lady, sit here’. Set amidst densely forested hills, the lake is ecologically important, and being sacred to Buddhists and Hindus, has remained strictly off limits for human use other than pilgrimage and visits. It was originally called Kha-Chod-Palri or the ‘wish-fulfilling jewel’. One can trek for an hour to two meditation caves hidden away in the mountains. A 12 feet high triangular opening in the mountain rock, with deeper layers and crevices extending beyond. Rows of tiny idols were laid out up front, along with incense sticks and other prayer paraphernalia. Cave number two is nearly 2 ½ hours and is a more arduous trek to top of the Khecheopalri hill at close to 8000 feet. Inside the cave, the mesmerizing fragrance of incense was calming and meditative. A stupa stood guard outside, wrapped in old prayer flags. There was a rest house (wooden cabin) close by, apparently used by monks who come here to meditate or by weary travelers deciding to spend the night on the hill top. It opens up breathtaking views of the hills and villages below and also that of Mount Pandim and other peaks. The distinct footprint like shape of the Khecheopalri Lake is best seen from here.  There is a 04 to 05 hour trekking trail to Yuksom from Khecheopalri. Khecheopalri is surrounded by about 500 hectares of broad-leaved forests. Technically of a mixed temperate kind, they have high plant diversity and include oak, rhododendron, walnut, champa, avocado, cinnamon, alder, pine, orchids and bamboo. Its a place for birding too. 

Here one is face to face with the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. Around the divine mountain ridge, beautiful valleys flowed into mist-filled abysses, and one could see the sun at its sober best, gently stroking the canopies on the other side. In such picturesque setting, this tiny Lepcha village went about its daily life, at its own rhythmic pace. Here, time was in no rushmeals, people sharing guests stories over momos, yummy millet rotis, rice, sandwiches and more Chhaang.

Places of Interest

  • Holy Caves 
  • Pelling
  • Yuksom
  • Rock Garden
  • Singshore Bridge
  • Rimbi water falls / Sewaro Rock Garden
  • Ravangla / Rabangla
  • Dubdi Monastary
  • Rabdentse Palace ruins
  • Pamayantse Monastary  
  • Tashiding monastery
  • Pelling sightseeing
  • Buddhist stupa or Maney
  • Gumpadara Mangheem Thegu
  • Dentam Valley
  • Hee & Bermiok
  • Rinchenpong &Kaluk


The nearest railway stations is Siliguri and New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP) which is 06 - 07 hours drive and is approximately 155 kiloemeters. The nearest Airport is Bagdogra Airport (IXB) nearly 155 kilometers and is 06 - 07 hours drive from either of these places. Buses are also available from Siliguri. 04 kilometers from Khecheopalri is Pelling. It is well connected with rest of the places of Sikkim like Gangtok is nearly six hours drive, Jorthang is four hours drive and Geyzing is two hours drive. If you are coming directly from New Jalpaiguri station (NJP).  From Darjeeling in West Bengal one can reach Kechopalri via Jorethang is 06 - 08 hours drive and the distance is nearly 125 kilometers. Gangtok is 140 kilometers and is nearly 06 hours drive by road.

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