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This region of Dzongu lies in North Sikkim surrounded by beautiful mountains covered with forests, interspersed with villages. It is in close proximity to the Kanchendzonga Biosphere Reserve. The Lepchas live here as a part of the nature all around them. Most part of Dzongu is forested region and fed by two important rivers, the Teesta and Tolung. Mayal Lyang is a beautiful house for a home stay. Mayal Lyang means the Hidden Land or Land blessed by God. A small walk around the place will explain why we chose to call it so. Untouched by the guest / tourist, this place has hidden treasures behind every other tree. Life here moves at its own pace. You tend to forget what it was back at your place. Situated in the shadow of Mount Kanchenjunga and Mount Siniolchu, the region offers some fabulous high altitude treks in the Kanchenjunga reserves. The famous and difficult trek originates from Dzongu is Tolung - Green Lake trek in North Sikkim. Khamri ……. or Hello in Lepcha. Home stay here started as eco-tourism venture with a few Lepcha youth from Dzongu. They are known for their lovely home stays and their warmth and hospitality.They try to live up to their culture and traditions. They are fluent in Lepcha, Hindi, Nepali and English and will help guest to explore the place to enjoy the beauty nature welcome guest / traveler / tourist to experience Dzongu and the people. Activities during your stay here would include life style exploration in the village, village walks, Jungle walks, visit to houses of different ethnic groups, walks and hikes along the river, places of scenic beauty, local market, Walk to temples and Monastery, traditional festival when they do occur in the village, local market day, Activity may include observing village life and seeing how villagers perform their everyday chores - milking cows, churning butter, weeding and harvesting cardamom, etc. Activities during your stay here would include life style exploration in the village, village walks, Jungle walks, visit to houses of different ethnic groups, walks and hikes along the river, visit waterfalls and places of scenic beauty. Traditional festival when they do occur in the village is worth attending.

Dzongu is situated amidst steep inclines and deep valleys in the last range of earth covered hills ahead of the rocky Himalayan snow clad peaks. Virgin territory with sparse population of the lepchas. It is the untouched heaven with a striking beauty. Beautiful land of dense jungle groves, mountains and pristine glacial streams that nurture both the human and natural habitation around. Numerous waterfalls cascade down steep cliffs and bubbling hot springs can be found hidden beneath the shelter of caves. In short it is a pristine and soothing natural world with tiny beautiful Lepcha hamlets and divine calmness characterizes the place. Inner Line Permit for the Guest & Vehicle to Dzongu is required & Local Guide for Dzongu roughly turns to be 1000 per day

Places of Interest

  • Lingthem for Tingvong & Kusong
  • Lingzya waterfall
  • Pentong and Sakyong
  • Tholung Monastery (Trek) 
  • Namprikdang (Museum)
  • Cane and Bamboo craft Centre
  • Cane and Bamboo Bridges
  • Lingdong village (Cardamom Plantation) 
  • Purfok Village (Cardamom Plantation) 
  • Gurudongmar Lake
  • Thangu village
  • Yumthang valley
  • Yumesamdong or zero point 
  • Keushong (05 Day Trek)
  • Hiking 
  • Angling 
  • Mountain Biking 
  • Buttefrly & Birds Watching
  • Camping


Dzongu is approximately 70 Kilometers from Gangtok and well connected by road. It takes about 3.5 - 4 hours to reach from Gangtok and the road passes through some beautiful villages of North Sikkim and the Kabi Longtsok and Seven Sister falls. The nearest Airport is Bagdogra Airport (IXB) and the nearest major Rail head is New JalPaigudi Railway Station (NJP). One can directly reach Dzongu via the Singtam - Dikchu Road and takes about 5 hours. Private vehicle or Taxi to Dzongu can be hired from the Vajra Taxi Stand in Gangtok. One can reach Mangan in a shared Taxi or an exclusive vehicle and then take another Taxi to Lingdong Village in Dzongu. However, special permits issued by the Government of India are required for entry into the Dzongu Lepcha reserve. We can assist for the same

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