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Nurseries -

One of the specialties of Kalimpong is the Nurseries. Plants like Anthuriums, Ornamental & Flowering Plants, Orchids, Bonsai, Bulbs, Cactii, Succulents, Gerberas, Gladiolus, House & Foliage Plants, etc. There are over a hundred nurseries among which a few are the most visited ones. Though technically there is not much difference among them yet they are visited due to their advantageous location.  Brindaban Garden Nursery, Ganesh Mani Pradhan Nursery, L.B. Pradhan Nursery, Pinewood Nursery and Standard Nursery are quite known one. Other nurseries are Bhusan Pradhan & Sons, 13th Mile in Echhey, Flower Wood Nursery and Shanti Kunj Nursery in Bong Road, Green Hill Nursery in Dr. B.L. Dixit Road, Horticultural Trading Co.in 13th Mile, Kamal Pradhan & Sons, Doves Nook in Echhey, L.K. Pradhan Nursery in Chibbo Busty, Manoj Kumar Pradhan & Sons in Echhey, Midland Nursery and Vrindavan Gardens in Echhey, Twin Bros Nursery and Universal Bulb & Plant Nursery in 8th Mile, Shangrila Gardens in Dr. B.L. Dixit Road , U.C. Pradhan Orchid Labs in 11th Mile Cactus and exotic flowers such as roses, gerbera, dahlias, gladiolas, orchids, etc are common to most of these nurseries. An annual flower festival in October is held here. Kalimpong is also known for exporting flowers.

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