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Dr. Graham's Homes (School) - This is one of the most known tourist spot. Graham’s Home is one of the finest school of Kalimpong and is internationally famous. It takes less than an hour to walk from the center of the town. Established in the year 1900 on the lower slopes of Deolo Hill. It was founded to educate the children of tea workers. With slightly more than 1200 students and an area covering 193 hectares this is one of the best school of the region. Enrolment is open to all, but there is a reservation for children from economically backward or deprived backgrounds. Visitors are welcome any time of the year. Deollo Hills and Hanuman Mandir is a short walk from this school and the scenic beauty of the region is pleasing. Graham’s home is used as shooting location and many more documentaries. There is a huge playground a rare scene in the hills. The valley of the school surrounded by the conifer forests under the warm glow of sun with birds and colorful flora everywhere will impress nature lover. The whole surrounding or setting will enthrall you to a new dimension. The play field the setting of hostel and the school is worth visiting.

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