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Monastery Packages

Monasteries are almost always known as "Gompas". But its a misinterpretation. Gompa literally means "a place of solitude" or a religious escape where monks are trained in the finer aspects of Buddhism. Genrally Gompas are in solitary places since isolation has always been a important for Buddhist learning; not as an act of self-punishment, but as discipline or an escape from mundane temptations. Generally the door of the assembly room and temple preferably face eastwards. South-east is the second choice and then south. A rivulet or stream draining the site is considered inauspicious as monks believe that this would drain away all the virtue of the place. If such a location is unavoidable, then the main door is made to face another direction. A waterfall, is, however, considered a good omen and if one is visible from the monastery, then the door is made to face that direction. The monastic buildings cluster around the main building which is also used as the Assembly Hall or du - khang. Lining the approaches to the monastery are rows of prayer flags and chortens.

Mani Lakhangs - These are only temples and do not house a schools like gompas. Normally situated near villages, these normally have only a few monks ministering to the religious needs of the villagers.


  • Rumtek Dharma Chakra Centre
  • Pemayangtse Monastery
  • Rabdanste Palace in Ruins
  • Enchey Monastery 
  • Do- Drul Chorten
  • Phensong Monastery 
  • Phodong Monastery
  • Labrang Monastery
  • Sa-Ngor-Chotshog Centre
  • Tashiding Monastery 
  • Tsuk-La-Khang Monastery 
  • Sanga Choeling Monastery
  • Dubdi Monastery
  • Kewzing Monastery
  • Simik Monastery 
  • Ralang Monastery 
  • Old Ralang monastery
  • New Ralang monastery
  • Gnathang Monastery 
  • Shurishing Yungdrung Dungdrakling Monastery 
  • Yangyang Monastery 
  • Namchi Monastery 
  • Chawayng Ani Monastery 
  • Taktse Ogyen Choekhorling Monastery 
  • Rhenock Monastery 
  • Hee Gyathang Monastery
  • Lingthem Monastery
  • Khecheopalri Monastery
  • Melli Monastery 
  • Sinon Monastery 
  • Dalling Monastery 
  • Pal Zurmang Kagud (Lingdum) Monastery
  • Gonjang Monastery
  • Karthok Monastery 
  • Bermoik Monastery 
  • Lachen Monastery 
  • Lachung Monastery 
  • Sang Monastery 


  • Walk through the area
  • Enjoy the way you see the monks
  • Take a guided tour to nearby places   
  • Visit the nearest sunrise and sunset points  
  • Enjoy reading in library if it has one  
  • Low and high altitude treks with local guide
  • Local area Sightseeing  

Monastery Packages are designed in such a way so that guest can enjoy the stay at each destination and also enjoy the monastery tour along with the local sightseeing. Activities are also added to the package to make it more dimension the the tour. Packages are designed keeping in mind the request of the guest. Few packages are already uploaded for the guest to have an Idea of the region. Guests can also view the various activities and can tailor made the packages through us.

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