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Andaman & Nicobar Island - Andaman and Nicobar Island is one of the Union Territory of India located in the Indian Ocean, comprises two island groups, the Andaman Islands and the Nicobar Islands. The total area of the Andaman Islands is about 6,408 square kilometers and that of the Nicobar islands approximately 1,841 square kilometers. There are three district of the territory North and Middle Andaman district with headquarters in Mayabunder, South Andaman district with head headquarters in Port Blair, Nicobar District with head headquarters in Car Nicobar. Andaman & Nicobar are a group of scenic islands of various sizes with a total numbering 572 islands. These islands lie along an arc in long and narrow broken chain in the direction of north to south over a distance nearly 800 kilometers. Andaman & Nicobar Islands is heaven for nature lovers. The environment, greenery, tropical rain forests and the Bay of Bengal is home to a vast collection of plant, animal and marine life. The islands are hilly in places fringed with coconut palm, tropical forest and interspersed with flat stretches beaches. Adventure tourism like trekking, Island camping, SCUBA diving etc. are quite popular among tourists. It is a lifetime holiday experience. The original inhabitants of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the indigenous peoples called the Great Andamanese, the Jarawa, the Jangil, the Onge and the Sentinelese. Nicobar consist of 28 Islands with Car Nicobar, Katchal nearly 425 kilometers by sea and Great Nicobar about 540 kilometers by sea are places of tourist interest. Places of Interest in Port Blair are Sippighat Farm is nearly 14 kilometers, Chidiya Tapu about 25 kilometers, Collinpur is 36 kilometers, Madhuban about 75 kilometers by road / 20 kilometers by ferry and road, Mount Harriet nearly 55 kilometers by road / 15 kilometers by ferry, Mini Zoo. Foreign tourist interested to visit the Andaman and Nicobar islands requires a Restricted Area Permit (RAP) and is now available on arrival at Port Blair's Veer Savarkar Airport.

Places of Interest

  • Chatham Island & Forest Museum
  • Mini Zoo / Science Centre
  • Samudrika (Naval Marine Museum)
  • Anthropological Museum
  • Sagarika Cottage and Khadi Emporium
  • Cellular Jail
  • Light And Sound Show (Hindi & English)
  • Fisheries Museum
  • Andaman Water Sport Complex
  • Harbour Cruise (Viper Island)
  • Baratang Island
  • Corbyn’s Cove Beach
  • Neil Island
  • Havelock Island
  • Long Island
  • Diglipur 
  • North Passage and islands in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
  • Harminder Bay Beach
  • Karmatang Beach
  • Radhnagar and Vijaynagar Beach
  • Ramnagar Beach
  • Wandur National Park

Places of Interest Nearby

Corbyn’s cove beach, North Bay (Corals Island), Ross Island, Viper Island, Anthropological Museum, Havelock Island – Radhanagar beach (Night stay), Fisheries Museum, Rangat Island – Mud Volcano, Limestone caves & Amkunj beach (Night stay) and Baratang Island – view of jarawa are some of the site covered from Andaman.

Neil Island is nearly 36 kilometers from Port Blair, Long Island is about 82 kilometers from Port Blair, Rangat is approximately 170 kilometers by road and 90 kilometers by sea, Mayabunder nearly 242 kilometers by road /136 kilometers by sea, Diglipur about 290 kilometers by road / 180 kilometers by sea, Little Andaman Island is nearly 120 kilometers by sea are all worth visiting. Some of the Island of tourist interest is Jolly Buoy, Cinque Island, Red Skin Island, Havelock Island, Barren Island and Ross Island.

Communication / Connectivity

Airways – Port Blair's Veer Savarkar Airport is the only major airport of the region. There are regular flights from Port Blair connected with Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata by air. Presently flights are operated by Indian Airlines flights are Chennai - Port Blair and back, Kolkata - Port Blair and back. Jet Airways flights are Chennai - Port Blair and back, Kolkata - Port Blair and back. SpiceJet flights are Chennai - Port Blair and back, Kolkata - Port Blair and back. Kingfisher flights are Chennai - Port Blair - Kolkata and Kolkata - Port Blair - Chennai. Jet Lite flights are Port Blair - Kolkata - Delhi and Delhi - Kolkata - Port Blair

Seaways – There is regular passenger ship services available to Port Blair from Chennai, Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam. There are more than three to four sailings every month from Kolkata and Chennai and vice-versa. There is one sailing from Vishakhapatnam in a month. The Journey / voyage take about 50 to 60 hours. Detail information on schedules and tariffs can be obtained from Shipping Corporation of India Limited, shipping Corporation of India Limited, the Deputy Director of Shipping Services, the Directorate of Shipping Services and Shipping Corporation of India Limited

Roadways – There are bus service between Port Blair and south Andaman. Apart from the busses taxis, maxi cabs and call taxis are available in the island. Rangat is nearly 170 kilometers by road Diglipur is 290 kilometers by road and Mayabunder is nearly 242 kilometers by road. Most of the bus service is in between crossed by water hence the buses and passengers are ferried by boats. In case of emergency people travel through army helicopters and small flights.

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