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Tripura is among one of the smaller states among the Seven sisters in North East India. it covers nearly 10,491 kilometres square and is the third smallest states of India. It is bordered by Bangladesh to the north, south, and west, and the Indian states of Assam and Mizoram to the east. It is adjacent to the deltaic basin of Bangladesh and a small part in by Cachar district of Assam and Mizoram. Small & Beautiful state with an ethnic touch of its own. Tripura being a kingly state for thousands of year is rich in history, archaeology, diversity of cultural streams, faiths, handicrafts, traditional art, music, etc. The flora and fauna along with its biodiversity always cast a magnetic spell on tourists. The word Tripuri is also called also Tipra or Tipperah. As the original inhabitants of the Twipra Kingdom in North-East India and Bangladesh were so called in earlier days. Manikya dynasty ruled the Kingdom of Tripura for more than 2000 years. It joined the Indian Union in the year 1949.

Geographically Tripura is situated in the remotest location in India. Only one major highway, the National Highway 08, connects it with the rest of the country. Five mountain ranges like Boromura, Atharamura, Longtharai, Shakhan and Jampui Hills run north to south, with intervening valleys. The climate is Tropical Savanna type. Nearly fifty per cent of the state is covered by forests and Bamboo and Cane dominates among the tree/plants.

The people mainly speak dialects of Kokborok, these are standard dialects of Debbarma, Tripura, Murasing, Jamatia, Noatia, Reang (Bru), Koloi, Uchui and Rupini spoken around Agartala. Tripura people comprises hill communities i.e. Tipra, Reang, Jamatia, Kaipeng, Noatia, Koloi, Halam, etc. Handlooms and handicrafts reflect the skill of workmanship and uniqueness of the people. Handlooms on silk, cane and bamboo are remarkable. When visiting Tripura one should try to but traditional items like Risa and Riha. Bhil, Bhutia, Chaimal, Garo, Halam, Khasia, Kuki, Lepcha, Lushai, Reang, Jamatia, Mog, Munda, Noatia, Orang, Santal, Tripuri, Uchui are the major tribe of Tripura. Godfearing and conservative people and their hospitality is unparallel. The lake place of Neermahal is one of the best attraction in the region. It was constructed as a summer resort in 1930 by late Maharaja Birbikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur. Tripura Tour information is arranged for guests to pick up and plan the right package. Religious or Wildlife or cultural the places around Tripura also is included to complete the package. Dreamway Destinations arrange for Tripura Package tour along with neighbouring states.

In Agartala one should visit the places of interests like the State Museum, Ujjayanta Palace, MBB College, Pubassa, Jagannath Temple, Umamaheswari Temple, Heritage Park, Nagicherra Rubber Wood Processing Centre,  Laxminarayan Temple, Venuban Bihar, Durgabari Tea Garden, Baxanagar Buddhist Stupa, Tepania Eco Park, Neermahal Water Palace, Durgabari Tea Garden, Gunabati Group of Temple, Six Lakes, Chaturdash Devta Temple, Baramura Eco Park, Jumpai Hills, Capital Complex & Akhaura Integrated Check Post, etc

Heritage sites at Tripura are Tripura State Museum in Ujjayanta Palace (Agartala), Neermahal Water Palace in Melaghar (Sepahijala District), Bhubaneswari Temple in Udaipur (Gomati District) & Akhaura Integrated Check Post in Agartala (West Tripura).

Religious Places or attraction in Tripura are Tripura Sundari Temple in Matabari (Gomati District), Chaturdash Devta Temple, Khayerpur (West Tripura District), Kasba Kali Temple in Kamalasagar (Sepahijala District), Gedu Mia's Maszid in Agartala (West Tripura), Mahamuni Pegoda in Manubankul (South Tripura) & Venuban Vihar in Agartala (West Tripura)

Archaeological Sites in Tripura includes Unakoti Archaeological Site in Kailashahar (Unakoti District), Pilak Archaeological Sites in Jolaibari (South Tripura), Buddhist Stupa in Baxanagar (Sepahiajala District) & Gunabati Group of Temples in Udaipur (Gomati District). Dreamway Destinations arrange for Hotel Stay, Sightseeing and assist in any cultural or religious tour. We also help in attending major festivals and events.

Wildlife in Tripura is quite diversified Clouded Leopard National Park      & Rajbari National Park are the two National park in the state of Tripura. Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary, Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary, Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary & Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary are the four sanctuary in the state. At Sepahijala District, about 20 kilometres from state capital Agartala and 02 kilometres from Sub-Divisional HQ Bishalgarh. We Dreamway Destinations provide vehicle, arrange sightseeing, Arrange package tour, book hotels, homestay and resort. We take utmost care to arrange the whole package at a reasonable cost.

Major fairs and festivals celebrated are Garia Puja and it is celebrated all over the state, The attractions are Asokastami Festival held at Unakoti Archaeological Sites, Pilak Festival at Pilak Archaeological Site, Kharchi Festival at Khayerpur, Neermahal Festival at Rudrasagar Lake, Diwali Festival at Tripura Sundari Temple, Pous Sankranti Fair at Tirthamukh.

A number of Buddhist temples are there in Tripura. The place called Unakoti is known as a Shiva pilgrimage site, has the largest rock-cut images and stone idols of Lord Shiva in India. Archaeological Tourism includes places are few but worth naming are Unakoti, Pilak, Debtamura,  Boxnagar, etc. Places of religious tourism in Tripura include Tripura Sundari Temple, Kashaba Kali Temple, Laxmi Narayan Mandir, Mahamuni Pagoda, etc. Water-based tourism includes Neermahal, Dumboor Lake, Kamalasagar, etc. Wildlife includes Sepahijala Sanctuary, Trishna Sanctuary, Gomati Sanctuary, Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary, Jampui Hills, Tepania Eco Park, Baramura Eco Park, etc. The most famous hill ranges, located in the east are the Jampoi, Sakham Tlang, Langtarai, Athara Mura and Bara Mura. Be-talang-Shiv at 3200 feet in the Jampoi hill range is the highest peak of the state. The best time to visit Tripura is in the month of September and October as at this time, the climate is very pleasant.

Places of Interest

  • Agartala
  • Deotamura
  • Pilake
  • Udaipur
  • Unakoti
  • Jampui Hill
  • Ujjayanta Palace
  • kujaban Palace
  • Malancha Niwas
  • Neermahal Palace
  • Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Boxnagar
  • Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Gondacherra Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary

Connectivity / Communication

Airways: Agartala Airport Or Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport (IXA) is the nearest Airport. It is in the state capital and is connected by air with Kolkata, Guwahati, Delhi and Chennai. The airport is 12 kilometres away from the city. The nearest Major Airport is at Guwahati, Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (GAU). The flight from Guwahati or Kolkata takes nearly 50 minutes to reach Agartala. The state has three more small airports at Khowai, Kamalpur and Kailashahar with helicopter service.

Railways: Agartala recently has its own Railway Station (AGTL) and is in operation from 2018. There rae train to Kolkata. Earlier the nearest railway station was Kumarghat at a distance of 140 kilometres from Agartala. This railway station is connected to Guwahati which is well connected by other major cities of India. Passenger Reservation System is available from Agartala, Udaipur and Dharmanagar. Few of the trains are Agartala - Lumding Express, Agartala - Silchar Passenger, Agartala - Dharmanagar Local, etc. Roadways and airways are better than roadways from here except Bangladesh.

Roadways: Tripura is also connected by road with Guwahati via Shillong by national highway number 44. It takes about 24 hours by road from Guwahati to reach Agartala. Good luxury coaches, tourist cabs, jeeps, and small segment cars ply on this road. Agartala is 587 kilometres from Guwahati, 487 kilometres from Shillong and 250 kilometres from Silchar while the distance between Agartala and Dhaka (capital of Bangladesh) is just 150 kilometres. Bangladesh tour can be arranged from Tripura by car. Due to its location reaching Tripura India is easier from Bangladesh by road.

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