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Singshore Bridge / Uttarey - It is just four kilometers drive from Uttaray said to be the 2nd highest bridge in Asia. It lays nearly 300 meters above the ground and is 260 meters long. Watching the base / ground from middle of the bridge is thrilling / fascinating. Singshore bridge suspension bridge is supposed to be the highest bridge in Sikkim. Located nearly 25 kilometers from Pemayangtse and is one and a half hours drive. The Singshore Bridge is an engineering feat and it connects two hills. This bridge helps the trekkers to cover a large distance between hills in a short span. Regular sight seeing trips for the tourist are arranged from Pelling to spend some time here and the visit is worth.  The spectacular views it offers of green hillsides and beautiful waterfalls are beautiful and one can spend half a day exploring the area. The Bridge can also be reached by a 20 minute drive from Uttaray. This place is surrounded by forest and if one treks a bit can come across wild animals such as tree bear, Red Panda, wild Rabbits, thar, musk deer & wild cats. Sighshore Bridge can be crossed while on trek and is situated very close to the Alpine Cheese factory. The Bridge is part of the one day sight seeing program from Pelling.

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