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Hotels in Lachen & Lachung

The following hotels in  Lachen & Lachung are suggested by us where you can have a comfortable stay and enjoy your leisure time. Please click the links below to view the details and the request a reservation for the desired property and stay. Lachen and Lachung Hotels cannot be booked directly as guest has to get permit and vehicle to visit North Sikkim which is not possible without the help of any agencies. Preferred hotel can be picked up while planning a North Sikkim Tour. We have tie up with most of the North Sikkim Hoteliers hence its easy for us to provide package tour. Voters or any Identification Card is required for booking tour to North Sikkim visit. 4 to 6 person group is Ideal cost wise. Packages can be offered for individual also. We book economical and exclusive packages and not on sharing basis. 

Hotels are available in European Plan (E P i.e. Only Stay) Continental Plan (C P i.e. Lodging / Bed and Breakfast) or American Plan (A P  Stay, Breakfast, Dinner and Lunch) and Modified American Plan (M A P i.e. Stay, Breakfast and one major Meal i.e. either Lunch or Dinner) 

A P A I, C P A I, M A P A I, A P A I will be mentioned on package or hotel booking. A I means All Inclusive. Example - E P A I i.e. European Plan All Inclusive. This indicates that the service taxes / luxury taxes are included.

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