North East Package of 05 Nights 06 Days

Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (GAU) / Guwahati Railway Station (GHY) – Namdhapa / Tezu (01 Night) – Miao (01 Night) – Wakro (01 Night) – Roing (01 Night) – Guwahati (01 Night) – Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (GAU) / Guwahati Railway Station (GHY)

Day – 01 – Arrival at Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (GAU) / Guwahati Railway Station (GHY) & Transfer To Tezu – Arrival at Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (GAU) / Guwahati Railway Station (GHY) and Transfer to Tezu – Flight to Tezu (TEI) takes 01 hour – Other option is by road – It is a drive of nearly 14 to 15 hours for approximately 601 kilometers via NH 715 – Tezu is a small little hill town located amidst the beautiful Mishmi Hills in Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh – The tiny hamlet is simply a nature lover’s paradise – It offers scenic beauty sprinkled with gorgeous fruit orchards, pristine lakes and verdant forests, lends it’s an unmatched captivating charm which lures innumerable nature lovers, trekking buffs and wildlife enthusiasts – The ancient inhabitant of this land of valley and rivers are the Mishmi tribes having traditions and customs dating back to the times of Mahabharata – According to sacred Hindu traditions, Lord Krishna’s first queen Rukmini was a Mishmi Damsel – The major Mishmi God is Ringyajabmalu and the major Mishmi festival is known as Tamladu puja – Evening free to stroll around the Hotel / Resort Or Homestay – Night Stay at Namdapha

Day – 02 – Namdapha National Park Activities & Jairampur Local Sightseeing – Elephant Safari – If guest think jungle safari is too mainstream, then the national park has the ultimate way of exploring nature for guest – Other activities are Adventurous Activities, Visit to Miao Museum- Wildlife Spotting or just relaxing – Jairampur is small hilly town along the Indo-Myanmar border and Namchik basin is covered with evergreen tropical rain forest – Where life moves at leisure pace and the howling of hollock gibbons wake you up in the morning – Visit to World War II Cemetry – The famous historic ‘Stilwell Road’ passing through this small town from Ledo, Assam, India to Kunming, Yunnan Province, China via Burma. The World War II cemetery of about 1,000 graves of Allied Soldiers is located 06 kilometers away from Jairampur at the Nampong road – Evevening free to stroll around the area – Night stay at Miao

Day – 03 – Miao, Namsai & Parasuram Kund – Attraction in this route are Jairampur, Manmao, Nampong and Pangsu Pass – One can witness the history of World War II, Beautiful Landscapes, and exotic culture – Miao offers splendid natural beauty of Noa-Dihing river and green surroundings – Mini Zoo, Forest Museum, Wildlife Library, and Tibetan Refugee Camp are the other places of interest – Namsai situated near the Nao-Dihing river is a fast developing town – The Golden Pagoda Monastery at Tengapani known as ‘Kongmu Kham’ in the local Tai-Khamti language, Golden Pagoda is one of the largest Buddhist monasteries in North East India – Next is the little hill town is a famous Hindu pilgrimage spot too and is swarmed by uncountable devotees who travel here to absolve their sins and purify their souls by taking a dip in the holy waters of the sacred ‘Parashuram Kund’, one of the most famous tourist attractions of the town – Night Stay at Wakro

Day – 04 – Wakro, Roing, Myodia & Dambuk – Nestled in the Mishmi Hills in the district of Lohit, Arunachal Pradesh, lies the town of Wakro – Wakro is a 03 – 04 hour-ride from Tinsukia & Dibrugarh – It is populated by Khampti, Singpho and Deori tribes – Khamptis and Singphos both follow the Hinayana School of Buddhism – Orange Orchard covers almost 10000 hectares of land – Wakro is located at the edge of the Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary which derives its name from the Kamlang River – Mayodia Pass is located about 56 kilometers from Roing in Arunachal Pradesh, with an elevation of 2655 meters – Mayodia is combination of two Idu-Mishmi words – Mayu which is the name of the mountain and “Dia” meaning “peak of the mountain”, thereby meaning “Peak of the Mayu Mountain” – It is a frequent domestic tourist attraction for the snow fall it receives during winters – Nearest town is Roing with attraction like Mehao wild life sanctuary, Sally lake, Mehao lake, Bhismaknagar Fort and Mayodia pass – Dambuk located at the mesmerizing hillock in the deep inside of Eastern Arunachal is known to produce one of the best qualities of oranges in the country – It which remains cut off from the rest of the world during the monsoon – Elephant ride is the only option – Evening free to stroll around the area – Night Stay at Roing

Day – 05 – Departure transfer via Tezu To Guwahati – Roing is the district headquarter of Lower Dibang Valley district in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh – It is the last major township at the north-eastern frontier of India – Both Adi and Mishmi (Idu) are the principal indigenous dwellers of Roing – Notable tourist attractions Mayodia pass which remains covered with snow during peak winter – Roing is connected to Tinsukia, a major town of Assam, separated by the mighty Brahmaputra river which is the major route – During summer the river floods which takes a three-hour journey via ferry-boat which is quite an experience to have – The recently inaugurated Dhola-Sadiya bridge (Dr. Bhupen Hazarika setu) over the Brahmaputra river has made the route to Roing much easier – Roing to Tezu is 40 & 55 Kilometers by two road – Flight to Guwahati (GAU) takes 01 hour – Other option is by road – It is a drive of nearly 14 to 15 hours for approximately 601 kilometers via NH 715 – Reach Guwahati – [Evening if time permits enjoy Brahmaputra Cruise (Depending on the river condition & availibility of Ticket)] – Nights stay at Guwahati

Day – 06 – Kamakhya Visit & Departure Transfer to Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (GAU) / Guwahati Railway Station (GHY) – Early morning check out of hotel & Visit Kamakhya Temple – Visit Kamakhya Temple – Situated on top of the Nilachal Hill, Maa Kamakhya Temple is the most sacred among the Tantrik shrines of Shakti worship in the world – Fact about Assam worth mentioning is the ancient cities of Pragjyotishpura and Durjaya (North Guwahati) were the capitals of the ancient state of Kamarupa under the Varman and Pala dynasties – Many ancient Hindu temples are in the city, giving it the name City Of Temples”- Dispur, the capital of Assam, is in the circuit city region located within Guwahati and is the seat of the Government of Assam – Drive to Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (GAU) / Guwahati Railway Station (GHY) – Forwarding Journey- Forwarding Journey

Namdapha was originally declared a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1972, then a National Park in 1983 and became a Tiger Reserve under the Project Tiger scheme in the same year – Its name was combination of two Singpho words “nam” means water and “dapha” means origin (river which originates from Dapha Bum glaciers) – Namdapha National Park is a 1,985 square kilometer large protected area in Arunachal Pradesh – With more than 1,000 floral and about 1,400 faunal species, it is a biodiversity hotspot in the Eastern Himalayas – It is fourth largest national park in India harbours the northernmost lowland evergreen rainforests in the world – Four pantherine species occur in the park: leopard (Panthera pardus), snow leopard (Panthera uncia), tiger (Panthera tigris) and clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa)- It also harbours extensive dipterocarp forests, comprising the northwestern parts of the Mizoram-Manipur-Kachin rain forests ecoregion

World War II Cemetery is recently unearthed large Burial-ground with about 1,000 graves of allied soldiers believed to be mostly of Chinese, Kachins, Indian, Britishers and Americans soldiers is located at Stilwell Road (Ledo Road) in the Jairampur-Nampong road, Changlang district, Arunachal Pradesh, India – The hidden cemetery covered with thick jungles midst of the bank of Namchik River 06 kilometers from Jairampur town, 39 kilometers from Ledo and 24 kilometers before reaching Pangsau Pass (Hell Pass), India – Burma (Myanmar) border – The Army has cleared the area and found about 1000 graves within an area of about three acre – The boundary was enclosed by concrete posts with entrance on three sides – The graves are arranged in five Lines and several rows – A large grave, possibly a mass burial, is in the centre

Orange Festival of Adventure & Music – Dambuk with view of modified Gypsies and Jeeps engaged in challenging tasks to try and win the JK Tyre Orange 4×4 Fury championship, which was a part of the Orange Festival of Adventure & Music – India’s first adventure and music festival returns annually having a massive lineup of bands and an array of sports to keep your adrenaline racing !! – The concept started by Abu Tayeng – Dambuk is nestled in the beautiful hills – The four days festival will be held from 15th-18th December and will continue to have thrilling adventure sports like river rafting, dirt biking, ATV rides in the forest and Favourite ziplinning. To add to the fun, local tribal sports like archery, angling, tribal house building, orange plucking and forest food walks are in store for the visitors – Or one could just cycle around the beautiful and serene valley – Grammy Award Winner to Indian version of The F16s, Fiddler’s Green, Uday Benegal, When Chai Met Toast, Feyago, Rain In Sahara and many more

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