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Beach sport – In the Himalayan region beach means river banks. Himalayan rivers are fast flowing in Summer & Monsoon and rest of the period due to ice and less rain the banks are prominent. Of course, the truth of the matter is that going to the beach is usually fun no matter what you do there because you're getting away from real life and enjoying a scenic travel destination. We arrange camp there for corporate and school, college students to enjoy various activities other than the stay. On the banks of River Teesta, Torsha, Rangit and many more Himalayan rivers flow through this region. Adjacent to the tea estate and in the forest one can hold Bonfire parties. Where fires are allowed on the beach, it's great to hold huge parties where people come to play music, dance, roast marshmallows and just have a great time. Sometimes it's nice to pack you a really nice picnic with fancy cheeses and luscious fruits and to go indulge in at the beach. Beaches offer nearby trails where you can hike to or from the water. This offers great exercise and the water is great for cooling down after the hike, Fishing. It's one of the most relaxing things that you can do at the beach and something people have been doing here for centuries. You're sitting around at the beach with no commitments and nothing demand your attention and that's a great time to just hang out and daydream a little bit about what you want your life to look like in five or ten years.  Turn your focus to the little critters like the crabs and birds and jellyfish. Spend the day seeing how many different animals you can count or play games on the sand - like volleyball, football, etc. make this easy even Frisbee a classic beach game and it is one that people never get tired of enjoying together. There are more advanced versions like Frisbee golf, extreme Frisbee and Aerobie but the old version will do just fine. There are lots of ways to meet people at the beach and follow their activities even  there's no reason that you can't make new friends or just Relax - You don't have to daydream or take pictures or do anything at all. You can just sit there and relax. You're on vacation after all!
From team building goals to just plain old fun, the dozens of choices we offer will help you plan your camping event. Search through the long list of activity ideas on the net and discuss with us. Different suggestions exist for younger or older campers and the type of activity guest wants is noted and executed by us keeping the highest safety standards.
Volleyball, Birding, Sky Watching, angling etc can also be followed from a camp. Generally physical activities by day and campfire by night make it entertaining. Games like football of four a side, volleyball; other games post lunch is entertaining after a short rest.
Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Zip Lining, Zumaring, Hiking & Archery are made available with guest either locally or someplace close to the camp.  All of our activities are carried forward with the highest level of safety equipments and safety standards and regulations.
Mountain cycling / biking can also be done from camps - The graded mountain bike routes are all exciting with options – One can now buy a pack a waterproof route maps and route descriptions together with a useful information booklet. The visitors guide which contains places to stay and a suggestion of a variety of things to do.

Hiking & Archery – Hiking and Archery are made available with guests.  All of our activities are carried forward with the highest level of safety equipments and safety standards and regulations. 

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